Natural Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

How To Improve Self Confidence In 6 Simple Steps

Are you afraid to try new things and step outside your comfort zone?

If so then you probably have low self confidence! Learn how to improve your self confidence with these six simple yet effective tips.

Are you afraid to try new things and step outside your comfort zone? Do you doubt yourself and your abilities?

You see when you take on new challenges with belief and you’re sure that you will succeed you have confidence in yourself. Our self confidence tends to fluctuate throughout our lives although some will generally maintain a higher level of self-confidence than others.

However, each of us has the ability to improve our level of self confidence! That’s why in the following post we’ll discuss six simple yet effective techniques for improving self confidence that you can apply straight away.

How To Improve Self Confidence

How to Improve Self Confidence Naturally

1.  Identify the things you’re good at!

What are the things you do well at? People with low self-confidence tend to focus more on what their not good at as as opposed to what they are good at. We all have strengths and weaknesses it’s what makes us unique. Identify the tasks and activities you excel at and start acknowledging your strengths.

  • Grab a pen and paper and take some time to make a list of the things you believe you’re good at.
  • Remind yourself that their are certain unique qualities and strengths you possess that others do not.
  • Can you identify what you’re doing right? If so you can identify your strengths and your confidence will grow.

2.  Pretending to be confident!

Easier said than done right! Not necessarily – can you identify any events from your past where you didn’t feel confident? Relive those memories and think about how you coped during those situations. We’ve all had to fake confidence at some point throughout our lives, for instance someone might act confident during a job interview.

  • If you’re not feeling confident in a particular outcome relating to a certain situation then simply “wing it”.
  • Convince yourself you can do it and pretend to be confident, chances are you’ll get a positive outcome.
  • Have faith in yourself, believe you’ll get the result you want and you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

3.  Seek a proven mentor and role model

Find a mentor who you believe exhibits great self confidence, someone you can consider to be a role model who never seems to show signs of weakness. Most importantly learn from them. I myself have a number of mentors I follow online such as Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins who I consider to be great role models for me.

Here are a couple of things you should consider when selecting a mentor:

  • Does this person stand strong and never falter in the face of adversity or defeat?
  • Does this person exhibit characteristics you admire and look up to?
  • Is this person confident in their self and their beliefs?

4.  Take stock of the little things you do well from day-to-day

Make a mental note of the little things you done well at during the day. It can be anything, perhaps you cleaned the house and it looks really tidy and sparkly or perhaps you completed a simple task at work that you really excelled at. Don’t dismiss these small accomplishments they’re all great little confidence boosters!

  • Small accomplishments all add up and can slowly improve your self confidence if you acknowledge them
  • Take note mentally of every small accomplishment and remind yourself you done a good job

5.  Congratulate yourself and celebrate your progress

Each time you successfully complete a task and pass your expectations remember to congratulate yourself. We can often over-look our successes and pay to much attention to our failures. The more you congratulate yourself for your successes and accomplishments (no matter how trivial) the more you will improve your self confidence.

6.  Strive to be positive and optimistic

Is your glass half full or empty? You see, if you take on the days challenges with an optimistic and positive attitude you’re much more likely to succeed and overcome any hurdles you encounter during the day which will naturally boost your self confidence. Remember, positivity is a state of mind, so strive to be positive no matter what.

  • Take the positives from every situation you encounter and your self confidence will naturally bloom.

Keep Working to Improve Self Confidence!

Learning how to improve self confidence is an ongoing process and a personal journey but is within everyone’s reach! Identifying your strong points and acknowledging your achievements are the building blocks. A mentor and role model is likewise going to be of great benefit in your quest to improve self confidence.

Work at building your self confidence on a day-to-day basis and strive to strengthen your self belief. Overtime you’ll witness positive results in your ability to take on new challenges and step outside your comfort zone. Don’t expect overnight results! Rome wasn’t built in a day and unfortunately neither is self confidence.

If you want to determine how your confidence is affecting you and how you can take immediate steps to improve your confidence then we highly recommend you grab your free and personalized self confidence assessment.

In this short assessment you’ll learn to identify your current level of confidence as well as your weaknesses and strengths so you start taking the necessary steps for becoming more confident in yourself and your abilities.